Based in Martigny, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Axio Consulting SA is the sustainable partner for its private, institutional, alpine and international clients. The company is specialised in project development and consulting services.

Axio Consulting SA operates, from conception to implementation, from management to sale, while applying a well-tested process:

More than a team, a network of competencies:

Frédéric Boson – Director
After starting out as an independent consultant and partnering up, Frédéric Boson founded his own consulting company. He is an expert in the development of strategic concepts, particularly in the fields of tourism, gastronomy, leisure, wellness, retail and real estate.

Vanessa Darioli – Project Manager
A graduate from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne with significant field know-how, Vanessa grew her interest for financial matters. She manages with precision sizeable and diverse projects, from feasibility to business plan in totality. A key player in the company’s development, she utilises her capacity to listen and adapt, reinforced by the demanding nature of the mandates she is responsible for.

Alexandre Alvarez – Creative Project Manager
A graduate from Genea University of Art & Design, Alexandre studied visual communication. Mindful to give meaning to the practice of graphic design, all the while exploring various experimentation possibilities, he pays close attention to the elements that constitute the components of communications as to translate ideas accurately.

Fabien Spiroux –  Digital Expert
An expert in the digital world, Fabien was able to constantly improve his competencies. At the service of an international clientele, notably in air travel (Ethiad, Flybaboo), he actively participates in digital transformation projects with a particular focus on sales and communications while being attentive to results and efficiency.


Thinking out of the box is part of our philosophy as a whole. Our team regularly challenges itself in order to come up with pragmatic yet innovative solutions.


Our team, as professional as it is competent, places quality at the centre of its attention at every step of the way in the realisation of different mandates.

Client guidance

Our client’s expectations are at the heart of our priorities. We commit to providing personalised solutions.